Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan Slams Isha Malviya


Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan Slams Isha Malviya

Image instagrammed by Isha. Image instagrammed by Isha. (Courtesy: IshaMalviya)

New Delhi:

After a full week of drama, heated arguments and brewing friendships, finally, the day for which every Bigg Boss fan was waiting is here. Salman Khan is all set to host the first Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 17 today. The makers have released the promo video of the upcoming episode and it seems intriguing. Apart from welcoming the celebrity guests, Salman Khan was seen slamming Isha Malviya. In the clip, he questioned the TV actress over her closeness with Abhishek Kumar, whom she accused of being abusive during the premiere episode. Salman said, “Aap allegations laga rahi thi, aggressive the, abusive tha (Abhishek Kumar), woh kitna serious allegation hai. Apne convenience ke hisaab se khel rahi ho (You were making serious allegations against Abhishek that he was aggressive and abusive, you’re trying to play the game as per your convenience?)”

Talking about Isha Malviya’s argument with Mannara Chopra, Salman Khan added, “Mannara ko aap self-obsessed kehti ho, jabki aapki har harkat dikhati hai, ke you in this house today is the most self-obsessed person (You call Mannara Chopra a self-obsessed person but looking at your behaviour and actions in the Bigg Boss house, it seems you are the one who is most self-obsessed.)” 

Salman Khan’s comments came after he asked the contestants who among them was a liar, and majority voted for Isha Malviya. The official Instagram handle of Colors TV shared the clip with the caption, “Weekend Ka Vaar ki bani Isha shikaar. Kya aap doge unka saath? Dekhiye Bigg Boss17, Monday-Friday 10 PM & Saturday-Sunday 9 PM.

Just a few days ago, before entering the Bigg Boss house, Isha Malviya revealed that she never dated Abhishek Kumar. In an Indian Express interview, Isha claimed that she and Abhishek were just “close friends” and dismissed the reports of the relationship by calling them “rumours”. Isha said, “I don’t know if he’s going to be there and I am not bothered about it. There were rumours about us dating but we have always shared a close friendship bond.” 

Isha Malviya said, “It would be fun to have him around but he was never my boyfriend. We haven’t even been in touch for a long time.”


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