Bigg Boss 17: Sunny Aryaa Aka Tehelka Evicted After An Ugly Fight With Abhishek Kumar


Bigg Boss 17: Sunny Aryaa Aka Tehelka Evicted After An Ugly Fight With Abhishek Kumar

Still from a video posted on Instagram. (courtesy: thearchiesonnetflix)

The latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode left Bigg Boss 17 fans stunned. Filmmaker Karan Johar shocked everyone by announcing the eviction of Sunny Aryaa aka Tehelka. The YouTuber was evicted from the reality show after he got into a fight with co-contestant Abhishek Kumar. A video shared by a fan page on X (formerly Twitter), opens to Karan Johar saying, “Tehelka [Sunny Aryaa] aapko abhi tak kitni warnings mili hain? Kitni baar aap aggressive hue ho is ghar mein? [Tehelka, how many warnings have you got so far? How many times you have become aggressive in this house]?” Responding to KJo’s questions, Sunny says, “Dil se sorry sir. [I apologise from my heart sir].” To this, Karan Johar adds, “Mujhe nahi chahiye sorry. Kisi ko nahi chahiye sorry. Baar-baar lagatar aap yeh karte aarahe hain. [I don’t want your sorry. Nobody wants your sorry. You have been doing this continuously]. There is no excuse for this. Bigg Boss ke ghar ke aham niyam ka ulanghan karne ke kaaran, aapko is ghar se nikala jaata hai. [For breaking a crucial rule of the Bigg Boss house, you are being eliminated today].”

Then the clip shows glimpses of Arun Mashettey [Sunny Aryaa’s BFF in the house] apologising to Bigg Boss on his behalf. We can also spot Vicky Jain sharing a warm hug with Sunny. In an unexpected move, Abhishek Kumar asks Sunny to stay as he moves towards the exit door. As the gate opens and Sunny says final bye to the housemates, Abhishek while crying screams in the background, “Nahi bhai ruko, bhai bulayenge. Are bhai rukjao yar sorry. Karan Johar sir sorry-sorry. Please mat bhejo yar. Are mujhe laga aap bulaoge sir [In confession room]. Sir sorry. Yeh nahi chahta main sir sorry. Please mat bhejiye sir isko. [No, brother, wait. Please wait, sorry. Karan Johar sir sorry, please don’t send him. I thought you would call us in the confession room. Sir, I don’t want this. Please don’t send him].” The clip concludes with Abhishek hugging Sunny tightly and crying.

The fight between Sunny Aryaa and Abhishek Kumar started when Arun Mashettey asked Abhishek’s ex-girlfriend and housemate Isha Malviya to not sleep during the day. In the clip, Arun can be heard saying, “4 hafte se main daytime main soya nahi hun Isha toh mujhe mat bol and tu bhi jaag jaa. Main Dimag ke room ka banda hun toh main bol sakta hu. [I have not slept in the daytime for the past four weeks so please don’t call me out. I’m from Dimag’s room, so I can ask you to wake up].”

This didn’t go well with Abhishek Kumar, who stepped in and asked Arun Mashettey to talk politely. Soon after this Arun’s BFF Sunny Aryaa interfered and pulled Abhishek’s vest, while the rest of the housemates were separating the two. Read all about it here.

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