Namma Yatri launches ‘zero-commission’ cab service in Bengaluru

[ad_1] 4 min read Last Updated : Apr 16 2024 | 8:19 PM IST Namma Yatri, the mobility app, on Tuesday announced the launch of cab services in Bengaluru. Addressing the prevalent issues of high commissions and lack of transparency, Namma Yatri said it is dedicated to a lifetime zero-commission, direct-to-driver model. This platform … Read more

भारत में कुछ यूज़र्स के लिए शुरू हुई गूगल वॉलेट ऐप की सर्विस, जानें इसके फायदे

[ad_1] Google Wallet App: भारत के कुछ यूज़र्स के लिए प्ले स्टोर पर गूगल वॉलेट ऐप दिखना शुरू हो गया है. यह यूज़र्स को अपने क्रेडिट कार्ड, डेबिट कार्ड, फ्लाइट बोर्डिंग पास, मूवी टिकट समेत कई अन्य डॉक्यूमेंट्स को डिजिटल फॉर्मेट के तौर पर स्टोर करने में मदद करेगा. यूज़र्स गूगल वॉलेट ऐप में ऐसे … Read more

भारत में लॉन्च हुआ डबल स्क्रीन वाला लैपटॉप, तस्वीरों में देखें इसका लुक

[ad_1] Photos: भारत में लॉन्च हुआ डबल स्क्रीन वाला लैपटॉप, तस्वीरों में देखें इसका लुक [ad_2] Source link

Withings, French medical-grade health devices maker, announces India foray

[ad_1] 2 min read Last Updated : Apr 16 2024 | 5:32 PM IST French smart health-tracking devices maker Withings has announced its India foray, bringing its range of devices such as hybrid smartwatches, connected smart scales, and blood pressure monitors to the country. The company said that these devices will make health tracking … Read more

Apple to ramp up investments on suppliers in manufacturing hub Vietnam

[ad_1] Apple manufactures iPads, AirPods and Apple Watches in Vietnam and suppliers for MacBooks are also investing in the Southeast Asian country. Photo: Bloomberg 2 min read Last Updated : Apr 16 2024 | 4:16 PM IST Apple Inc wants to boost its investment in Vietnam, state media quoted the U.S. tech giant’s CEO … Read more

Motorola launches Moto G64 5G smartphone at Rs 14,999 onwards: Details here

[ad_1] 2 min read Last Updated : Apr 16 2024 | 1:39 PM IST China’s Lenovo-owned smartphone brand Motorola on April 16 launched in India the Moto G64. The smartphone launch marks the debut of MediaTek Dimensity 7025 system-on-chip in the country. The phone boasts a display of 120Hz refresh rate, a 6000 mAh battery, … Read more

Asus launches ZenBook Duo laptop in India at Rs 159,990 onwards: Details

[ad_1] 2 min read Last Updated : Apr 16 2024 | 1:27 PM IST Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, the Asus ZenBook Duo is now available in India. The laptop boasts a novel dual-touchscreen design and a detachable Bluetooth keyboard. Priced at Rs 159,990 onwards, the ZenBook Duo is now available … Read more

YouTube extends crackdown to ad-blocking third-party mobile apps: Details

[ad_1] 2 min read Last Updated : Apr 16 2024 | 10:57 AM IST After cracking down on ad-blocking browser extensions, YouTube is now enforcing its policies on third-party ad-blocking apps. In a recent update on YouTube’s blog page, the Google-owned video streaming platform said, “We’re strengthening our enforcement on third-party apps that violate … Read more

Premiere Pro may get AI features as Adobe explores partnership with OpenAI

[ad_1] 2 min read Last Updated : Apr 16 2024 | 9:43 AM IST Adobe is in the early stages of allowing third-party generative artificial intelligence tools such as OpenAI’s Sora and others inside its widely used video editing software, the U.S. software maker said on Monday. Adobe’s Premiere Pro app is widely … Read more