Gauahar Khan Recalls Her Experience Of Interviewing A Big Star As A VJ: “He Didn’t Let Go Of My Hand”


Gauahar Khan Recalls Her Experience Of Interviewing A Big Star As A VJ: 'He Didn't Let Go Of My Hand'

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New Delhi:

Gauahar Khan needs no introduction. From teaching us how to nail a look to giving us beauty goals, the actress does it all like a total pro. Now, in an interview with Bollywood Bubble, the actress opened up about an incident when she was just 18 and worked as a VJ. She said, “Ek bahut hi diggaz personality thay. Main unka name nahi bataungi. [There was a big star. I interviewed him. Won’t reveal his name.] He has passed away now. The whole interview he didn’t let go of my hand. I was like this is awkward. How do I pull my hand out? But the whole interview I was sitting like this [folded hands]. And, I was and still am a huge fan of his talent. His work. Isliye main specifically bata nahi rahi hoon ki woh kaunsi field main thay.”

She continued, “And, then it so happened that my director obviously realised that yaha kuch thora ajeeb chal raha hai. As soon as the shoot was over, he just told me ‘Gauhaur go to your room and lock the door.’ I was like okay. I don’t know why he said that. I locked the door and later I got to know that he [the star] was just asking for my number and asking where I am. Why couldn’t I meet him before I left? And all of that….I was like Oh my god! I am 18. Why is this happening to me? I am a huge fan of this person. But it’s awkward. Imagine sitting like that. I couldn’t do much at that time. I was just a VJ at that time. He was a big star. I can’t risk it. It was my job to interview him.”

Gauahar Khan, in the same interview, also spoke about baby boy Zehaan. She and Zaid Darbar welcomed their first child earlier this year. She said, “He looks a lot like my father. He’s got his smile. So, when he’s sleeping and he smiling, I go like he’s got my papa’s smile. So, when he was born the first thing on Zaid’s side and also my side said that he looks like Nana. MashaAllah he’s got his smile. He’s got my father’s eyes because of my eyes. So, my eyes are exactly like Zehaan’s. And he’s beautiful.”


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