Google may roll out ‘Circle to Search’ for other Android devices after Sept


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Circle to Search on Samsung Galaxy S24 series

Google’s Circle to Search, initially available with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, would likely be available across Android devices from later this year. In a press note highlighting the success of the Galaxy S24 series in the Netherlands, Samsung stated that the Google powered feature’s exclusivity for Galaxy and Pixel devices ends in September.
Samsung said that the Galaxy S24 series smartphones are among the first to feature Circle to Search by Google. The company added that the feature “will only be available on Samsung and Google devices until September of this year,” indicating the exclusivity of the feature to Samsung and Google devices until September. However, it could also be a hint that the feature could roll out for Android smartphones from other brands once the said period ends.

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Google in its first feature drop of 2024 rolled out the Circle to Search feature for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. The American software giant has not commented about the availability of this feature on other Android devices. However, it is expected that the feature would be available to more users by the end of this year. The feature will most likely come to older generations of Pixel devices and other smartphones from Samsung’s S-series and Z-series, before being available to smartphones from other brands.

For the uninitiated, the Circle to Search feature allows users to make a quick Google Lens search by using circle, highlight, or tap gesture on any visible item or object on the display. For activating the feature, users either need to long press the home button (button navigation) or swipe inwards from bottom corners (gesture navigation). 

First Published: Feb 05 2024 | 10:51 AM IST


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