Google rolls-out experimental ‘Notes’ feature for search in India: Details


Google has announced that it is currently testing a new notes feature for search. In a blog post, the Alphabet-owned software giant said that “Notes” will let people share their knowledge right on search, helping others find the best answers to their questions and discover what’s most useful for them on the web.

This experimental feature provides users with helpful context about a web page to better identify information. Users can also leave a note to help other people looking for specific information on that web page.

The new feature is available as an opt-in experiment in Search Labs in the Google app on both iOS and Android devices. The company confirmed that the feature has started to roll out for opted-in users in the US and India. Notes also gets Hindi language support for Indian users.

How to enable Notes on the Google App

  • Open the Google App on your Android or iOS device

  • Tap on the Google Search Lab icon at the top left corner of the home screen

  • Turn on the Notes from a toggle switch under “Notes on Search” section

If Google prompts you, saying, “Search Labs isn’t available for your account”, try updating the Google app to the latest version or sign in using a personal Google account, as Search Lab is not available for workspace accounts.

Once opted-in, you will see a “Notes” button appear below search results in the Google app and on articles on Discover. Tap this button, and you can see what others have said about the web page. When you visit a page you think is helpful, you can create a note to share your experience with the topic or article.

Google has also added customisation options for adding Notes with elements like text fonts, stickers and photos. The US version of the feature also lets users add an AI-generated Image to their Notes. This update is not currently available for Indian users.

The company has confirmed that in the coming months, it will start exploring ways to provide site owners with insights about Notes that have been added to their content.

First Published: Nov 17 2023 | 1:30 PM IST


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