Halloween 2023: Four easy and quick hair and make-up ideas


Need a last-minute make-up idea? Whether you’re going for a cute look or something spooky, here are some suggestions

Leave the elaborate prosthetic make up to model Heidi Klum for Halloween parties.

If you are rushing to a bar or a friend’s place after work for a Halloween night, here are four easy hair and make-up ideas to create your 2023 Halloween look.

Rue with the glitter tears

HBO show Euphoria’s lead characters offer costume ideas for every personality type. Maddie might be a make-up lover’s delight but the easiest is Rue (played by Zendaya). All you need is a bare face, with a dash of kohl and make-up glitter to create glitter tears under the eyes. You can use eyelash or make-up glue to draw tears under the eyes and dab some glitter on the glue spots. Smudge the kohl to finish the look.

Monotone queen, Cruella De Vil

Margot Robbie's Cruella De Vil

Margot Robbie’s Cruella De Vil

If you aren’t too much into make up but love to play with your hair, Cruella De Vil is the perfect monotone option versus a pink- and blue-haired Harley Quinn (the Margot Robbie version). All you need is temporary hair colour wax or paste. Create a middle part and slick back your hair in a ponytail (a bob is perfect for this look, but a ponytail is easier if you have longer hair). Use the colour wax or paste in platinum on one side. Finish with a defined matte red lipstick.

Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega style)

If you prefer your wit sharper than your winged liner, Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams from the popular show Wednesday is a good bet. Get yourself a clip-on fringe, which is easily available at local beauty stores and online. Wear your hair in a braided bun, swipe a brown lipstick and you are ready to go. If you wish to add something, put on heavy mascara and smudge a little kohl on the waterline. With gothcore trending, your look will be in style too. For those who love shimmer, you could try the barely-there shimmer scale look of the sirens from the show.

Y2K pop star with latte make-up trend

Many make-up styles from previous eras are being rehash-tagged with new names for TikTok and Instagram trends.

One such trend is the latte make-up look. A simple brown smoky eye, bronzer on the cheeks, highlighter on the high points of the cheekbones and a shiny nude lipgloss finish this look. Try this look with a pair of gold hoops to be Jennifer Lopez from the early aughts, when this bronzed look what’s called latte make up now, peaked.


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