HFCL launches 5G FWA CPE solution, shares up


HFCL Limited’s shares were up nearly 2 per cent after the company unveiled 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) solution. This development aims to meet the escalating demand for high-speed internet connectivity, particularly in urban and rural areas of India. The lineup of Indoor and Outdoor 5G FWA CPE products is designed to address the last-mile connectivity challenge.

They have features like Wi-Fi 6 technology to facilitate high-speed connections for multiple devices, along with an AI-integrated mobile app for convenient self-installation.

Mahendra Nahata, Managing Director at HFCL said, “HFCL’s Indoor and Outdoor 5G FWA CPEs will help telecom service providers tap into the growing demand of fixed wireless access, monetize their 5G investments and create new revenue streams from home and business broadband markets. As 5G networks expand, HFCL 5G FWA CPE portfolio becomes a key enabler for bridging the digital divide and ensuring internet access becomes more inclusive for all.”

The shares closed 1.77 per cent higher at Rs 64.51 on the BSE.


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