Katrina Kaif On Father-In-Law Sham Kaushal’s Reaction To Tiger 3: “You Made Me Even More Proud”


Katrina Kaif On Father-In-Law Sham Kaushal's Reaction To Tiger 3: 'You Made Me Even More Proud'

Katrina with Vicky and fam. (Courtesy: KatrinaKaif)

New Delhi:

Katrina Kaif, who reprises her role as Zoya in the third installment of Tiger 3, has been receiving huge praise for her action stunts in the film. Katrina Kaif disclosed how husband Vicky Kaushal and father-in-law Sham Kaushal reacted to her performance while speaking to India Today. Katrina Kaif said to India Today, “Shamji, my father-in-law, is an action director. He was the happiest person to see and hear the praise coming my way. He said, ‘See, now you have made me even more proud. That was really special. I could see he was happy. He said, ‘Everyone is saying you have done the action so well.’ That was very lovely.”

Speaking of Vicky’s reaction to the film, she said, “And of course, Vicky loved the film. He said these exact words to me, ‘I felt that a character was presented. It didn’t matter whether it was Katrina or any other actor, a strong character was presented throughout. The graph of Zoya was consistent in the film. There was no jump in the arch.”

In the film, Katrina has a fierce combat scene with a Chinese martial-art instructor (played by Michelle Lee). Earlier, Katrina shared an extensive post about her strict workout regime and training process that helped her to perform the stunts convincingly. Sharing a string of pictures and videos, Katrina wrote, “For me, when tiger time comes, it’s about pushing my limits, testing my endurance, and finding that strength within. Someone once told me, “Pain is just another sensation ” ….Don’t be afraid of it, don’t run from the pain.Many days,I was so tired; it felt different this time…tougher. My body was sore, but I would tell myself to take it as a challenge and see how much I could face today.”

Katrina added, “During training, we created an alter ego. So even if I was tired, SHE wasn’t tired; she was going to war!….your mind will stop you much before your body does. Once you decide, commit and do it… no matter what! And the work is ALWAYS worth it. I think we were able to deliver even more dynamic action than before, and that’s always our intention…… To be better…….Now waiting to share #Tiger3 with the world ….. nervous, excited …Just a few more days to go.” Take a look at her post:

On the occasion of Diwali, Katrina shared a lovely picture with husband Vicky Kaushal. They can be seen holding hands in the picture. Katrina simply wrote in the caption, “Subh Deepavali.” Take a look:

Katrina Kaif will next be seen in Merry Christmas alongside Vijay Sethupathi. The film has been directed by Sriram Raghavan.


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