LIVE: Gaganyaan test lift-off could not happen today, says ISRO chief


Engine ignition has not happened in the nominal course, said ISRO Chief Somanath on Gaganyaan mission test vehicle launch.
We have to find out what went wrong; vehicle is safe, he said on Gaganyaan test vehicle launch.

The Indian government on Friday rejected any notion that it had violated international law in asking Canada to recall diplomats so that both governments have roughly the same number stationed in each country. Canada said Thursday it was recalling 41 of its 62 diplomats in India after what it said was New Delhi’s warning that it would strip their diplomatic immunity something Canadian officials characterised as a violation of the Geneva Convention.

The Biden administration is proposing changes in the H1B foreign workers programme to improve efficiency by streamlining eligibility, providing more flexibility to F-1 students, entrepreneurs and those working for non-profit bodies and ensuring better condition for other non-immigrant workers.


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