OnePlus Open global debut today at 7:30pm: Livestream, device info and more


In a global unveiling from India, OnePlus is set to debut the OnePlus Open on October 19 at 7:30m (IST). Calling it a modern flagship smartphone, OnePlus said its maiden foldable device strikes the perfect balance between portability, durability and imaging. Explaining the thought process to create a light and compact-slim foldable, OnePlus said it invested heavily in mechanical design and material-component choices of the phone so as to produce a folding device that feels just like a regular single-display phablet smartphone.

OnePlus Open: What we know so far

Hinge and construction material

OnePlus earlier confirmed that it worked together with OPPO to develop the OnePlus Open, which would be available under OPPO branding in select markets outside India. The foldable smartphone would feature OPPO’s Flexion Hinge (water-drop shaped) with a single-spine architecture. OnePlus said the hinge on Open has 69 parts, compared to the nearly 100 components typically required for standard folding hinge designs. This allowed the company to trim the weight of the hinge and, therefore, the overall weight of the device. OnePlus said the Open is made from aerospace-grade materials, including titanium alloy and reinforced carbon fiber.


OnePlus said the Open features camera system with sensors from Sony, including the Sony LYTIA-T808. This sensor would debut on the foldable device with OnePlus Open. OnePlus said this camera sensor boasts Sony’s “Dual-layer Transistor Pixel” technology (also known as Pixel Stacked) where light adsorption-retention structure was redesigned from ground up, allowing for doubling the light captured and stored for conversion despite a relatively smaller sensor size.

Display and crease

OnePlus said the crease on the OnePlus Open bendable display is virtually imperceptible, thanks to the Flexion Hinge. This water-drop shaped hinge, OnePlus said, enables the screen to be folded flat, removing the appearance of a gap between the two sides without adding to the thickness of the folded device.

OnePlus essentials

The OnePlus Open would feature its iconic alert slider, which the company said have been optimised for the design and architecture to fit the foldable form factor without compromising on functionality. OnePlus said it has increased the external size of the alert slider button, but reduced the height and width inside the phone to save on the internal space.

Apps support

Earlier, the company had announced that it has worked closely with developers to ensure apps compatibility with its new foldable form factor. Citing Facebook as one of the apps examples, OnePlus said the work required substantial effort from both parties, and it believes the results are significant and meaningful for foldable device users. OnePlus also confirmed that its maiden foldable device would come with a small number of apps pre-installed. The company believes this approach strikes the right balance between delivering a novel and seamless user experience while preserving the stability and security of its products.

Other details

OnePlus said it would deliver a flagship-level performance and experience with its new foldable device. According to media reports, the OnePlus Open foldable smartphone would feature a 7.82-inch main display and a 6.31-inch outer shell display. The device may get up to 24GB RAM and up to 1TB storage.

OnePlus Open launch livestream


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