Samsung One UI 6: Know about Android 14-based interface for Galaxy devices


South Korean electronics maker Samsung is working on the Android 14 operating system-based One UI 6 update, which is expected to roll out to supported devices soon. The user interface is currently available in beta for opted-in users to test on select Galaxy devices. The Android 14-based Samsung One UI 6 update for Galaxy devices would bring several new features, including redesigned quick panel, customisable lock screen, and two-finger drag-and-drop function. Below are the details:

Quick panel

The redesigned quick panel will have dedicated buttons for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at the top of the screen, with visual settings options such as the Dark mode and Eye comfort shield moving to the bottom of the menu.

Apps notifications in the expanded quick panel will appear as separate cards, making it easier to distinguish between individual notifications. It will also come with an option to sort received notification by time, instead of priority. The media control panel has also been updated to display cover art across the card while playing music or videos.

The redesigned quick panel will also feature an instant access option. When enabled, swiping down from the top-right side of the screen will bring down the quick panel while swiping from the top-left corner will slide down notification cards.

Lock screen and Home screen

One UI 6 update will let users position the clock widget on the lock screen according to their preference and will provide additional Clock designs. Users will also be able to set-up different lock screens for different modes such as in Driving mode, Sleep mode and more.

As for the home screen redesign, the app icon labels will be limited to a single line for a simplified and cleaner appearance. Home screen will also get new gesture controls to relocate apps and widgets. Besides, users will be able to drag apps with one hand and navigate with another to change the position of the app icon.

While using gesture navigation, swiping up from the bottom of the display will make the taskbar appear on the One UI 6.


With One UI 6, pop-ups will remain open even after the user leaves the recent section without minimising the pop up screen.

Samsung DeX

One UI 6 will allow users to switch between DeX mode and tablet mode without changing the home screen layout. Besides, DeX will have all the app icons and widgets and can be used in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Camera and Gallery

Quick settings menu will appear at the top of the screen and will have the option to change the resolution of the image to be taken. The camera interface on the Samsung Galaxy devices with One UI 6 will have a level line when grid lines are activated.

Samsung has improved the document scanning process by enabling Auto scan feature, which will let users scan documents by clicking a picture even if the scene optimizer is turned off.

The Gallery app on One UI 6 will display details of the image when the user swipes up from the bottom of the screen. This screen will also have options to edit and apply effects on a picture.

Clipping an object from an image will now automatically turn it into a sticker and will also allow the user to use drawing tools over a created sticker.

The play button on the video player will also appear in the centre while users will also have the option to change the playback speeds between 0.25x and 2.0x with dedicated buttons instead of a slider.

Smart select

One UI 6 will allow users to resize and extract text from an Image with the new Smart select option. Smart select will also display a magnified view when selecting an area of the screen.


One UI 6 will feature a smart Airplane mode. The phone will remember to keep Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turned on whenever Airplane mode is enabled on the device if the user opts in. Battery settings will have its own settings menu with more options to track and manage battery usage.


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