Twinkle Khanna Dedicates Her New Book To Grandmother: “Taught Me How To Ignore Annoying People”


Twinkle Khanna Dedicates Her New Book To Grandmother: 'Taught Me How To Ignore Annoying People'

Twinkle Khanna shared this image. (Courtesy: Twinklekhanna)

New Delhi:

Twinkle Khanna announced her new book Welcome To Paradise earlier this week. Through back-to-back Instagram posts, she kept her fans updated about the release of Welcome To Paradise, which is Twinkle’s fourth book. The actress-turned-author revealed on Saturday that she has dedicated the new book to her grandmother. Twinkle walked down memory lane and shared a series of throwback pictures of herself with her grandmother. The series began with a monochrome click, showing young Twinkle sitting with her grandmother, who is reading her a book. In the next picture, the two were seen knitting together. The series concluded with a photo of Twinkle and her grandmother taking a bus ride. Along with the post, Twinkle Khanna wrote, “It’s such a privilege to grow up around your grandparents. They remind us of where we’ve come from while we focus on our journey forward.”

Twinkle Khanna added, “Welcome To Paradise is dedicated to my grandmother, whose impact on my life cannot be quantified. ‘Jelly Sweets’ from the collection is based on the stories she told me about her mother and her childhood in Satpati. She also taught me how to knit, crochet, and ignore annoying people by pretending to be deaf. What is the most important lesson your grandmother taught you?”

A few days back, Twinkle Khanna shared a few pictures of pages from her book with a note that read, “Welcome to Paradise, my 4th book, is a collection of stories that explore the depths of heartbreak, relationships, and deception. Some of these characters have lived inside my head for the last five years, and now they are ready to meet all of you.”

Meanwhile, Twinkle Khanna attended an event with her husband Akshay Kumar in London. ICYMI: Twinkle has recently completed her Master’s degree from the University of London. The couple also met British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the event. In a montage video, Twinkle and Akshay are seen posing with the UK Prime Minister. Along with the post, she wrote, “As much as I dislike wearing heels and dressing up, this evening was worth all the damaged toes. Sudha Murthy remains my hero, but it was pretty cool meeting her son-in-law, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Also, put the sound on and hear Andrea Bocelli. Congratulations Anu Hinduja.”

Rishi Sunak is married to Sudha Murthy and Narayana Murthy’s daughter Akshata.

Twinkle Khanna is well known for her books Pyjamas Are Forgiving, The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad and Mrs Funnybones, all of which were best-sellers.


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