Want to design a house that offers luxury, happiness? Style the furniture well


And carefully choose colours and textures. Here’s a guide to help you find the right balance between furniture and wallpapers to create a vibrant space

Home is more than just a space to retire at the end of the day. It is a space where we dream, feel safe, stay inspired and so much more. Whether it is living independently, with children or in a multi-generational household, the space we occupy plays a key role in supporting our wellbeing. A home sets the stage for many of life’s moments big, small, joyful, or even sad. Therefore, designing homes with intention, can help us nurture a sense of happiness and comfort. 

Design and form 

How we select our furniture, arrange it and style it is a big part of building a space that we love. 

Here is where elements like design and form come into play. Thoughtful furniture design with simple clean lines creates a harmonious feel. Furniture that takes an open form like minimalist coffee tables adds an element of spaciousness. Interestingly, furniture pieces such as stools, rocking chairs, swivel chairs encourage a sense of playfulness, fostering a lively atmosphere in the living space.

Colour and material 

Cool colours like blues and greens can make us feel peaceful, while yellows and reds can make us feel more active and awake. Textures like natural wood can a sense of warmth, while metals and glass can create a sophisticated ambiance. By carefully choosing colours and textures and finding the right balance we can create a vibrant space that, in turn, has an uplifting effect on our mood.

Nature and nurture

Bringing the outside in has a deep emotional impact on wellbeing, as it increases connectivity to the environment by using nature as the core element. Biophilic design encourages us to develop an understanding of the importance of nature for our health and wellbeing. This includes adding living plants, diffusers, and soundscapes like small electric waterfalls, among others. Furniture that also borrows from nature-inspired elements like patterns, shapes, lines, colours, and textures and uses natural materials wood, shell, and natural fibres add a feeling of calmness and tranquillity in the sanctuary we call home. 

Shailly Mandiwal is home furnishings direction leader, IKEA India.




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