When A Director Said To Zeenat Aman, “You Are The Glamour”. The Internet Approves


When A Director Said To Zeenat Aman, 'You Are The Glamour'. The Internet Approves

Zeenat Aman shared this image. (Courtesy: ZeenatAman)

New Delhi:

Zeenat Aman and her treasure trove of anecdotes – every time the film veteran shares something on her Instagram feed or story, we can’t stop admiring the fact that how beautifully she describes the stories of the bygone days. In her latest post, the actor shared a look from one of her test shoots. She also shared about her “prized possession”, which is a snazzy jacket. Zeenat Aman described her look in the picture with these words, “Poofy hair, an exaggerated collar, and a whole lot of sparkles. This picture just has to be from the 80s. It was one of those test shoots one does for fun, and that snazzy jacket was my prized possession at the time.” Then Zeenat Aman shared an anecdote with her signature precision and wit.

She wrote, “Let me rewind a little further and share an anecdote. The very first day that I walked onto a set in 1970, I looked around and was taken aback by how dull it all was. Wires snaked across the floor, heavy camera machinery was propped up on rusty trolleys, men ran hither and thither shouting instructions and ferrying supplies. It was nothing like I had imagined. “But where’s the glamour?” I exclaimed. OP Ralhan, my director, just smirked and drawled, “Babusha, YOU are the glamour”. We absolutely agree with the director. Soni Razdan commented, “Totally agree. You were my favourite and still are.” Chitrangada Singh wrote, “You’re sooo cool! You can make any era look glam!” The Internet also approved the fact. A user wrote, “Your beauty is perennial Zeenat Ma’am.” Another user wrote, “Timless style of styling.” Another comment read, “Indeed you are ma’am.” Another user wrote, “No One is this gorgeous as you…! Absolutely stunning.”

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Zeenat Aman also shared a very pertinent post about how celebs influence youngsters’ choices and she addressed the youngsters not to go overborad with their wedding and outfits. She wrote, “My own wedding to the father of my children was a discreet affair. We eloped, and got married in Singapore in a low key ceremony with just two witnesses. But reserved as I am, I can’t deny the charm and madness of the “big Indian wedding”! The food, the music, the colours, the atmosphere of revelry – it’s infectious. This picture of @zanuski , @carapiranha and I was taken at a beautiful family celebration in Delhi last week.”

She added, “ll take this opportunity to let you in on a secret too. Most of the fancy designer outfits that I wear to such occasions are borrowed. The jewellery I have on was loaned to me by Vimal from Argentum. And this powder blue sharara was sent to me by my dear friend Mohini Chabria. It will be drycleaned and returned. I’m sharing this because I don’t want young people to feel pressured to buy new outfits or spend beyond their means just because they see celebrities in designer clothes. Whether you borrow, thrift or buy, what matters is that you don’t break your bank, and actually enjoy what you wear. And of course, in my books, comfort is key! In fact, I’ve thrown out all my high heels.” Take a look at her post here:

Ever since Zeenat Aman made her debut on Instagram, her posts have become the talk of the town. From on-screen nudity to tips on parenting, from privacy of celebs to sartorial choice, Zeenat Aman pours her insights into every post. The actor is known for her performances in movies like, Don, Satyam Shivam Sundaram and Hare Rama Hare Krishna.


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