World Egg Day 2023: History, theme, importance, celebration, benefits


World Egg Day is a yearly celebration that promotes the health benefits and versatility of eggs. The day is celebrated on the second Friday of October every year, focusing on the significance of eggs in our diets and their role in nourishing people around the world. This year, World Egg Day 2023 will be observed on October 13.

This occasion was first celebrated in 1996 by the International Egg Commission (IEC) and has since been promoting the many advantages of eggs and their utilisation globally. World Egg Day is an occasion when people from around the world come together to celebrate the unique nutritional value of the eggs in our life, and how vital they are in supplementing our diet.

What is the history behind World Egg day?

World Egg Day was founded in 1996 when the International Egg Commission (IEC), a global association addressing the egg business, chose to focus on the nutritional benefit and importance of eggs in our diet. They made World Egg Day as a way to celebrate eggs for being an incredible source of top notch protein, a flexible cooking ingredient, and an image of nourishment. 

Throughout the term, World Egg Day has acquired popularity and presently stands as an annual reminder of how eggs add to our health and the delicacy they bring to our feasts.

World Egg day 2023: Theme

The theme of the World Egg Day 2023 “Eggs for a Healthy Future” signifies the importance of the egg in enhancing the nutritional, cultural, and environmentally sustainable outcomes, prompting better futures for all. 

What is the importance of World Egg Day?

World Egg Day is important since eggs are not just a magnificent source of excellent protein, fundamental nutrients and minerals but a very important part of a balanced eating regimen, an easily accessible and affordable source of nutrition that adds to food security in districts with restricted access to other protein sources, can be ready in various ways and are a versatile ingredient in many culinary dishes.

Furthermore, eggs are an economical food source that need less resources compared with some other protein sources and give various medical advantages that incorporate supporting mental health, decreasing the danger of specific illnesses and supporting weight management. 

Egg day: Celebration

As per International Egg Commission, since the primary occasion in 1996, World Egg Day festivities have developed and evolved. Last year saw more than 100 nations across the globe observe World Egg Day via social media and the arrival of in-person occasions post-pandemic, including competitions, digital campaigns and celebrations to observe this unique day.

5 Medical advantages of consuming eggs

Essential protein- Eggs are an incredible source of top notch protein, containing every fundamental amino acid your body needs. Sufficient protein intake is fundamental for muscle support and fix, as well as for general growth.

Nutrients and Minerals-Eggs are loaded with fundamental supplements, including nutrients (like B vitamins, vitamin D, and vitamin A) and minerals (like iron, selenium, and phosphorus). These supplements help different physical functions.

Weight Management- The protein and vital fats in eggs can help you feel full and control your hunger, which might support weight management by decreasing general calorie intake. 

Heart Health- Recent research has shown that dietary cholesterol from eggs doesn’t fundamentally affect blood cholesterol levels for a great many people. As a matter of fact, eggs can be essential for a heart-solid eating routine and antioxidants can help in cardiovascular wellbeing.

Brain Health- Eggs contain choline, a supplement significant for mental health and capability. Choline is a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter engaged with memory and maintaining mood. 


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