World Nutella Day 2024: History, celebration, and 3 mouthwatering recipes


Nutella, a nutty chocolate spread, has a large global following and has ruled many people’s hearts for six decades. The hazelnut spread that has been immensely popular for generations continues to mesmerise children and adults alike with its delectable taste.

The velvety spread feels heavenly on your slice of bread for all intents and purposes on your soft breakfast pancake. A perfect answer to your little one’s tantrums over the breakfast table, Nutella is an indispensable feature of our dining table.  

History of Nutella Day

The tale of Nutella traces back around the end of World War 2 when Pietro Ferrero in a small town in northern Italy made an overwhelming blend of the plentiful hazelnuts and scant cocoa, alongside sugar and fats.

While the early edition of Nutella wasn’t in a liquid shape, the first spreadable variant was launched years later and was called Supercrema. It was not before 1964 that Nutella, as we know it today, was born, becoming a global hit.

Food blogger Sara Rosso established World Nutella Day in 2007 to celebrate this yummy nutty spread that she discovered while living in Italy.

Celebration of Nutella Day

Nutella lovers celebrate this day in many ways. Many people share different recipes on this day by means of social media platforms or gather to enjoy the dish together. There’s a trend of organising a Nutella party and welcoming friends, family members. Individuals across the world celebrate this day with their own unique customs and styles.

Like at the side of Lake and Michigan Avenue (Chicago), there is a Nutella cafe that will offer free customised containers to the first 100 individuals who buy any menu item in the cafe. Chocolate crepes, espresso drinks, Nutella-flavoured ice cream, and shakes are just a few of the brunch and dessert options that will be available at the cafe.

3 mouthwatering recipes on Nutella Day (Indian chef’s choice)

    • Hazelnut Nutella Crème Brûlée

Trying different things with the smartest possible scenario, Sandeep Rane, the corporate chef for bakery and confectionery at Hitchki wants you to consolidate Nutella with Crème Brûlée to make a unique treat called Hazelnut Nutella Crème Brûlée. You should simply utilize weighty cream, vanilla extract, Nutella, enormous egg yolks, granulated sugar, and finely chopped hazelnuts for garnish.


    • Nutella & Bhut Jolokia Cheesecake

While Nutella might be sweet, Amit Sharma, chef and co-founder at Brewworks wants you to flavor it up. To make a Nutella and Bhut Jolokia Cheesecake, this Mumbai-based chef is advising us to utilize Nutella and the well known Indian chilli from northeast India without limit.


    • Nutella Crepe

The amazing quality of a brownie can be gauged from the fact that it can not only be utilized for a brownie and pancakes but crepes too, as per the chef Harsh Mav at Stand By Coffee. He says you can make a Nutella Crepe with the assistance of some dosa blend, refined flour, fresh cream, coconut milk powder alongside Nutella, whipped cream, caramelised banana and blueberries.

First Published: Feb 05 2024 | 6:07 PM IST


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